Funky Cheveux Hair Studio

Haircut & Blowdry

$45 & up

Bang Trim



$60 & Up

Conditioning Treatment




Full Color

$65 & Up

Partial Foil Highlight

$75 & Up

Full Foil Highlight

$95 & Up


The most drastic contrast on the hair where the roots are darker and all of the ends are a lighter color.

$95 & Up


Roots are darker than the ends, but some dark pieces are pulled all the way through the hair strand along with the lighter color.

Starting at $95


More of a natural blend of a lighter and darker/ outgrown highlight look.

Starting at $95



The Big Blow*

- Smooth Operator
- The Mender
- Brazilian Shampoo
- Brazilian Conditioner
- COMPLIMENTARY The Brazilian Maintenance

$300 and up**
Valued at $400

The Blow Out*

- Smooth Operator
- Brazilian Shampoo
- Brazilian Conditioner

$250 and up**
Valued at $315

Smooth Operator (Brazilian Blowout Treatment)*

Brazilian Blowout Smoothing System; the new reformulated Brazilian Blowout is designed to smooth and eliminate 100% of frizz.
*(This does not include the Shampoo and Conditioner that is required to maintain your treatment for 12 weeks)

$200 and up**

The Brazilian Tease

The Brazilian Tease is a teaser for those of you who would like to try out the Brazilian blow out. This treatment will last for 4 to 5 days, so if you’re going on vacation and don’t want the hassle of fighting that frizz this may be a good option for you! (Please note that salt water and chlorine can strip the treatment out!)

$50 and up**

The Mender

This is a Split End Treatment: Instantly repairs, mends and seals broken and split ends in 15 to 20 minutes. Will prevent further breakage and help to smooth the hair cuticle for a shiny, smooth finish. This treatment is best when combined with most chemical treatments and can also be applied as a single service.

$50 and up**

The Premium Color Treatment

Break through technology helps to dramatically reduce breakage, lock in, improve color retention, and prevent damage during all color services as it helps to prolong color and vibrancy between appointments.

$20 and up**

The Brazilian Maintenance

The Brazilian Maintenance will help maintain and ensure the quality and longevity of the smoothing system before your next full treatment. This maintenance system can be done as much as once a week or as little as once a month depending on the integrity of the hair and or the quality of at home maintenance

$50 and up**

*No exchanges or substitutes of services or products with this package.
**Prices may vary depending on length and thickness of hair. Cannot be combined with other discounts.







$115 & Up

Straightener Retouch

$75 & Up


$65 & Up

**All prices subject to change due to hair length or thickness.
** Listed prices are average and can vary per stylist



$20 & Up

Hair Color

$45 & Up

Foil Highlight

$45 & Up


$65 & Up


Full Highlight, Haircut/Blowout, Conditioning Treatment


Full Color, Haircut/Blowout, Make-up


Full Color, Haircut/Blowdry, Conditioning Treatment


This sensational treatment contains serious smoothers that target areas in most need of repair and proactively defend against future damage and weakening of the hair fibre. The high-conditioning formula has fatty alcohols and glycerin that dramatically reduce breakage during brushing and styling, even on bleached hair. The treatment will restore sparkling shine to hair that is dry or damaged. 

$20 & Up

• Consultation
• Trial Run Hair and Makeup
• Hair and Make-up on The Day Of Your Wedding



Weddings can be a lot to handle. Let Funky Cheveux be all about the glamour. We'll help you make sure that your Wedding day is a success.
To do this, we devised a 3 step countdown:


    Step 1 : Consultation - Come in and meet the staff. Let us help you
    plan a day to remember. (15 min)
    Step 2 : Trial -This is the test run. We'll make final decisions to perfect
     & customize your wedding hair & makeup. (1-2 hrs)
    Step 3 :We're prepared - so now we can relax & have fun with it.
     We'll make you beautiful for a day you'll cherish forever. (1-2 hrs)


• On-site options available
• General Pricing: Wedding Updo starts at $60 and Make-Up $45

For all bridal inquiries please email or call (979) 696-3865.


During this customized lesson, your Makeup Artist teaches you everything about how makeup and color can work for you. Learn how to use the newest textures, palettes and tools to create a variety of flattering looks, plus get tips on quick touch-ups and special occasion makeup. Your lesson also includes personalized step by step instructions and a 30 minutes follow up session.
90 minutes






Consultation / Setup fee for parties of 5 or more


Off-site fee for 1 Stylist


Each Additional Stylist


Gas & travel expenses for outside of the
Bryan / College Station area

Based on current fuel rates.



Full Application

$45 & Up

Eyebrow Tinting

$15 & Up

Eyelash Tinting

$25 & Up



Eye Brow




Upper Lip


Full Face



**Our Policy** Although we know circumstances may arise that would prohibit you from giving us proper notification, 24 hours notice for appointment changes is requested. Late cancellation or failure to show up to an appointment may result in a missed appointment charge upon your next visit.

****All Prices Are Subject To Change Due To The
Hair Thickness or Length*****